“We are constantly challenging ourselves to reduce our impact on the environment. Throughout our entire portfolio, we are dedicated to driving change through renewable energy solutions, waste management and focusing on using smart materials across all elements of our business”.

Our Commitment
• We are signed up to a five year plan with INENCO Business Utility and Sustainability Consultancy to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce energy usage
• As part of this we are implementing a new environmental management system and regular environmental assessments to ensure the very best management of practices across our global portfolio
• This will further enable us to manage our targets and compliance over the next five years.

Energy Saving Initiatives
• Electricity use accounts for 63% of our carbon footprint. We are pushing to increase the efficiency of our operations to reduce our dependence on electricity, but we wanted to go further. So, we have invested in a zero-carbon electricity supply, which will almost entirely remove electricity from our carbon footprint, save for the small amount of unavoidable transmission and distribution losses on the way to our sites.
• All of our electricity will come from wind, solar and hydro generated sources. We have also decided to become early adopters of zero-carbon bio-methane, which will remove the 27% contribution that natural gas use makes to our carbon footprint. Overall, we are anticipating that our investment in these renewable energy sources will result in a reduction in our carbon footprint of over 80%, alongside our efforts to increase the efficiency of our operations.

Solar panels

Renewable Energy
• Residues of the distillation process, spent grains, pot ale and spent lees (roughly 1500 tonnes across our total portfolio of distilleries) are processed through anaerobic digestion which is then converted into bio-methane gas (the only gas that our business purchases). It is also used on farmland replacing crop nutrients including nitrogen, magnesium and sulphur
• We have invested in solar panels across our Hawkshead Brewery, Aber Falls Distillery and our blending and bottling facility in Chorley. This will generate in excess of 750,000KWh of electricity per annum and reduction in carbon of over 3m kgs over the 20 year lifespan of the panels

Whiskey grains

Packaging and Waste
• All of our bottles are made using recycled/recyclable glass (no plastics)
• All our beers are packaged in recyclable cardboard. We’ve also reduced tray and shrink wrap across our spirits portfolio, with the aim of being 100% cardboard based in the next 12 months
• The majority of our plastic capsules are now fully recyclable, with a goal of switching the entire range when there is sufficient volume available.
• We work with Fresco Environmental who adhere to a goal of zero waste to landfill, utilising a Waste2Energy option. We make re-using waste part of the circular economy, much of our separated recycled materials, including glass and plastics are returned to the industries that supply them. This means that together we ensure that 100% of our waste is fully recycled.

Our Fleet
• Over 90% of or vehicle fleet is now fully electric, which has removed upwards of 300 tonnes of CO2 per annum. We will continue with our all electric vehicle policy until this reaches 100% of our fleet

Electric car fleet

The Environment
• At our distillery in Aber Falls, we believe that our whisky should put in as much as it takes out. We work with local farmers on growing the finest Welsh barley, ensuring that it is authentic and of the highest quality, and we don’t let anything go to waste – with waste pot ale given to local farms for use as fertiliser, while spent grain can be recycled as cattle feed
• Our philosophy at Berkshire Botanical is to create an enduring, sustainable botanical spirits brand, using the inspiration of the flora and fauna growing on the Yattendon Estate where it is produced. We have partnered with the Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust to ensure that we are working together to protect this local wildlife from which we take our inspiration.

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