Rapid Global Growth Sees Dead Man’s Fingers Take Pineapple To The Dark Side

Unconventional premium spiced rum brand Dead Man’s Fingers is continuing to take the spirits world by storm with the launch of its new Pineapple Rum. The bold but smooth Pineapple Rum has hints of sweetness from roasted and candied pineapple, soft brown sugar and nutmeg. This is shaken up with aniseed and a subtle citrus kick of lime to create an original take on flavoured rum.

On sale from February 2020, the new flavour follows rapid growth of over 570%(1) in global sales of the Dead Man’s Fingers brand last year and sees ‘pineapple discover its dark side’.

The new pineapple flavour sees the in-demand Dead Man’s Fingers brand continuing to tap into booming cocktail trends. CGA market data shows that four out of the top 10 mainstream cocktails are rum based, with pineapple proving the fourth most popular cocktail flavour and Piña Colada ranking as the third most mixed rum cocktail(2).

Dead Man's Fingers Pineapple Rum

Lucy Cottrell, Brand Manager for Rum at Halewood Wines & Spirits, comments: “Consumers want fresh, contemporary tastes and diversity in flavours. This has caused decline in some of the more traditional spirit categories like white rum and is leading to a whole new generation of adventurous and artisanal drinkers who are now looking to other categories for something more exciting to try.

“This is why we’re seeing massive growth in Dead Man’s Fingers. We’re meeting demand for innovative flavours, which are packaged in boldly designed bottles that stand-out from the crowd.

“Sales of our Original Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum flavour rocketed by 286%(3) last year in the UK, making us the fastest growing spiced and flavoured rum and the biggest contributor to total rum growth by any premium rum brand. Whilst our extended flavoured rum range now accounts for a growing and significant share of total sales for the brand, the addition of pineapple will drive further intrigue towards the rum category and appeal for light night consumption.”

The taste profile of Dead Man’s Fingers Pineapple Rum means it’s ideal for satisfying cocktail trends of simple serves and light refreshing tastes. It can be mixed with lemonade, lots of ice, a lime wedge and fresh mint to create the brand’s hero serve; the Tropical Lemonade.  

Lucy Cottrell adds: “Lemonade is the most popular spirits mixer, with one in two consumers choosing it over other available options. We created Dead Man’s Fingers Pineapple Rum with this in mind and have developed the Tropical Lemonade as a hero serve, which will prove a hit throughout the Spring and Summer.”

The launch of the Pineapple Rum follows the success of last year’s Dead Man’s Fingers Hemp Rum. The market-first has been widely coveted as one of the most influential innovations within the category, gaining national listings in Sainsbury’s and Punch, and heralding a milestone of being the first CBD infused alcohol in their respective channels.

The brand also invested in opening a new bar and distillery in Bristol, where it will be distilling its core Spiced variant and also satisfying consumer interest in how rum is made. The distillery’s rum school enables people to create and distil their own bespoke and personalised bottles of spiced rum. 

Lucy Cottrell concludes: “Dead Man’s Fingers is the fastest growing rum in the premium rum segment and massively outperforming the market. The 286% value growth in our Spiced Rum last year was around twelve times (4) higher than other top-selling premium rums. Creating new flavours like the Pineapple Rum will attract more consumers to the category and further elevate the brand’s position as a best-seller.”

Dead Man’s Fingers Pineapple Rum joins three other flavours in the premium rum range including Coconut, Coffee and Hemp, as well as the original Spiced Rum. 

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  • (4) Nielsen Data, MAT to 04.01.2020 shows 285.9% value growth in sales of Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum. Value growth for other top-selling premium rum brands includes: The Kraken (13.6%), Sailor Jerry (-15.4%) and Red Leg (31.4%)