Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey Aged 4 Years

Distilled from a mash bill comprising 84% corn, the four-year-old Bourbon has been matured in American oak barrels and underwent a charcoal-mellow filtration process. Aged for 4 years in 53 US Gallon charred American new oak barrels. Very few whiskies in this price segment carry an age statement.

James Cree’s 4 years old Tennessee whiskey is rich and creamy with notes of toasted oak, vanilla and fudge, bitter sweet orange and warming white pepper spice.

Colour: A light Amber
Nose: Very fresh with notes of bitter sweet orange
Flavour: Toasted oak, sweet vanilla and fudge; the orange comes through on the palate
Finish: A long pleasantly dry and creamy finish with warming white pepper spice.

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Abv 40%

Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey Aged 4 Years