Jules Clairon jules-clairon
Highly versatile, Jules Clairon fine French brandy is ideal for drinking neat, mixed, in cocktails or as a high quality culinary ingredient.
Jules Clairon Oak Aged Brandy

Oak-Aged Napolean Fine French Brandy

Jules Clairon French Brandy is obtained by distillation of wines collected exclusively in a Champagne vineyard region (France) by our distiller. These wines are distilled in small intermittently working stills following a concentration technique perfected by our selected distillery.

Meticulous Distilling & Blending

After a meticulous blending, this spirit produced at around 75% Vol., is then put into typical French cognac and brandy oak casks of usually 300-350 litres capacity to get matured.

Its special flavour and charm come, for the most part, from the quality of the wines used in the distillation process. Indeed, white Champagne wines have a typical character and acidity which produce a high quality Brandy. This Brandy is then blended and filtered after colour control before being bottled.

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