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Bankhall Distillery, our new adventurous Distillery, is re-imagining the traditional Whisky-making process in the UK, drawing inspiration from the US, and ingenuity resulting from the blend of both.
Bankhall - Adentures in Distilling

Bourbon-Style Sweet Mash

Using a Bourbon-Style Mash Bill of Corn, Rye, and Malt we create a thick and hearty mash that serves as the foundation for our spirit. To craft our expressions we start with high quality Corn that we get shipped in from France. Our Rye & Malted Barley we source locally from premium growers in England.

Distilling In Blackpool

By Sweet Mashing – the process of starting our batches fresh every time – Head Distiller, Vince Oleson, who has come all the way from the US of A, is able to achieve a rich yet soft profile in all our distillates, which, most importantly, allows us to be more daring with our Adventures in Distilling.

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